Wholesale electricity market design
Wholesale Energy Market

Concept's team is well placed to advise on wholesale market design issues. A number of team members have ‘hands on' experience in this aspect of electricity supply, including the original development of the wholesale market in New Zealand.

Concept personnel are also familiar with the approaches to these issues adopted in other markets such as Australia (NEM and Western Australia), Singapore and the United Kingdom (BETTA).

Concept's personnel have provided advice on these issues to clients in New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland.

Examples of work

  • Advised on design of prudential arrangements for wholesale electricity markets
  • Advised on the integration of ancillary services into wholesale electricity markets
  • Advised on the design of policies to address security risks from hydro supply variation
  • Advised on the design of electricity contingency arrangements
  • Analysed policy options to facilitate effective integration of wind generation
  • Reviewed the effectiveness of unit commitment arrangements
  • Prepared projections of dry year energy margins
  • Reviewed demand side bidding arrangements for wholesale electricity market
  • Advised on a framework for assessing electricity peak capacity margins